Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Bed

Help your Clients Fall In Love with their Bedroom

High Point, NC — October 12, 2105  --  A half-hour seminar at High Point Market  at the Daniel Stuart Studio showroom on Sunday, October 18, at 9 am, will be led by a unique combination of talents bringing a fresh perspective to lifestyle design. Interior Designer, Julie White, and Performance Coach and Hypnotist, Devon White, approach design from the inside out.  “We start with their deepest desires,” said Julie White about initial conversations with clients.  “It’s about more than Pinterest boards and magazine clippings, at the core there is a feeling, and we find out what that feeling is,” she added. 

Devon said, “we concentrate on their goals as a family.  Then we identify and remove distractions to those goals in their environment.”  Devon is quick to point out the hypnotist portion of the seminar will not be making an unwilling participant believe they are a chicken.  "Our style of hypnosis is tied to an holistic approach that seeks to focus on those things that inspire a client and make that inspiration unfold in an organic way in their homes," according to Devon.  

This seminar, called Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Bed, is focused on the bedroom Attendees will learn the step-by-step process of how to elicit the feeling clients want in their bedroom. Whether it’s reminiscent of that romantic getaway they had at a sexy boutique hotel, or a bed that feels as powerful as it does relaxing - once you’ve tapped into the feeling they want, you’ll be able to design the most valuable experience possible - a bedroom that brings out that desired sensation every time they enter it. 

Through simple stories, specific questions, and learnable design instincts, Julie and Devon will provide the ability to deliver deep value and help designers lead clients into the best lives they have yet to dream.  In-person takeaways will help participants apply the exceedingly simple but profound learning directly into their businesses and their client’s lives. 

Daniel Stuart Studio designs and manufactures fine soft furnishings for the home with a  speciality in bedding, decorative pillows and upholstery.  Their showroom is located at The Suites at Market Square, Salon G - 7001. 




Julie White