Every home has a heartbeat, a soul. And it should reflect the people who live there...

Julie White is an award winning designer who creates high-end, soulful spaces that support her clients in living a well life.

With two decades in the industry, she is an experienced designer known for her passion, candor, and talent for making the design process feel like an adventure. She has the uncanny ability to make a project move faster and more enjoyably than it would without her (Iike a design superhero, but without the cape).

Leading with a sixth sense of who people are, Julie creates intensely personal, meaningful homes that delight her clients, envelop them in livable luxury, and make the entire team look like rockstars.

“What I care about is revealing the most intimate, beautiful essentials of your soul and creating a home that tells that story in every single space; a home that holds you in a way that's balanced and cohesive. 

That’s how I design. With you. For you. 

And since design is in the details. I pay attention to absolutely everything. 

Together with my clients, I create a vibe that encourages connected, soulful, sexy, ecstatic experiences. Livable luxury that promotes and fosters wellness and reminds you in your bones that well-being begins at home.  

Live with what you love...”

~ Julie